logos / identity

Photographer logo and identity system

Logo for Michael Brian, a lifestyle portrait photographer. The colors, shades of brown and tan, echo his human and animal subjects, while the large “C in the logo brings an encircling tenderness which reflects his shooting style.

logo for Michael Brian

Letterhead and Business Card

Letterhead (on left) and mailing label (on right) for Michael Brian. Both designs use a “wallpaper” repeat of his logo to create an intriguing texture. The two-tone color scheme reinforces the gentle but sumptuous feeling. The back of the letterhead is covered with the ‘wallpaper’ treatment.

Promotional Deck of Images

One of a set of eight promotional cards. The front of each card shows a photo from Michael’s collection, while the back of the card presents the photo title and Michael’s contact information in a similar style to the “wallpaper” repeat of his logo.
logo and branding for a photographer

Below, the last card in the set of promotional cards. This card shows a wider sampling from Michael’s photographs, and on the reverse, a list of clients as well as contact information. The Michael Brian logo is echoed through a repeating “wallpaper” design.

Created in partnership MercuryLab branding studio.

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