conceptual site plan for infill townhouses and apartment buildings on a quarry site in New Jersey. Prepared for PPG Planners.
Middle Site Infill Park Woodbridge Vision Plan
Conceptual site plan showing how townhouses and a small public pocket park could be created on the site of an old industrial use that is surrounded by single-family residential. Woodbridge, NJ. Prepared for PPG Planners.

Hess Site Plan 2015-05-06 coloredRough conceptual site plan showing a mixed-use infill community and public open space on the site of a former office park. Woodbridge, NJ. Prepared for PPG Planners.

Page 1-7 from Woodbridge Vision Plan final draft 2016-05-16
Quick, conceptual, phased infill study showing residential yield and parking supply. Prepared for PPG Planners.