Naiad Design* is a small multidisciplinary studio run by Diana Marsh, offering a broad range of design capabilities. A special focus of Naiad Design’s work is spatial and visual communications for projects in the built realm, including transportation, architecture, community, and streetscape projects.

Urban design and planning

With extensive experience in urban design and planning, Diana Marsh offers the following capabilities.  Read more here.

  • Site plans for yield studies, connectivity, and design concepts
  • Massing and yield studies
  • Photo-renderings, before and after simulations
  • Urban design guidelines for sites, buildings, parking, landscaping, and signage
  • Development review for conformance with zoning, master plan, and best practices in urban design
  • Revisions to zoning codes, including for improved street presence, building transparency, human-scaled massing, and minimizing the appearance of parking
  • Planning documents such as master plans, area plans, and vision plans

Graphic and information design for the built environment

Naiad Design’s graphic services include design of:

  • logos & identity systems
  • marketing materials
  • print materials such as reports, books, posters
  • thematic maps, charts, diagrams, and other information graphics
  • signage, banners, and other interpretive elements
  • Websites using WordPress CMS and other platforms
*naiad refers to a water nymph (from classical mythology) said to inhabit a river, spring, or waterfall; and to the aquatic larva or nymph of a dragonfly. It’s also an anagram of ‘diana.’